Launching a new token is always challenging. It takes experience to create interest around your project and to attract potential investors. One of the ways to provide clients liquidity is to list your token on a crypto exchange. This may turn out harder than you think, especially if it is your first project. The process may take a lot of time and resources.

The first thing to think of is where to list your coins? How to find a good and trusted exchange? Well, first you should start with researching influential blogs and websites focused on cryptocurrency, ICO and exchanges. Such resources can provide careful insights and detailed characteristics on every worthy exchange. However all those ratings and feedbacks should also be taken with a pinch of salt. Another thing to keep in mind is that different exchanges have different token requirements and charge fees for listing.

One of the trusted exchange platforms offering token/coin listing is Binapex. The Binapex team has done everything to make the application procedure fast and easy to ensure the best user experience out there. The listing fee is pleasant, especially for new projects, which may experience difficulties with funding. Among others, ZIL and BAT tokens are listed on Binapex.

Another pleasant surprise is that Binapex accepts fiat currency, which means, tokens can be exchanged not only on Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also on USD.

Sum up all above said, if you want to get your token listed, be ready to spend some time and money to find the platform that suits your token needs best.