With the change in market and bringing of new technology and knowing about all the new currencies is crucial. Only when you are completely versed with what the market is around, you will be able to make profits by investing in it.

There are many currencies that are currently being used:

Paccoin (PAC): It is a self-proclaimed third generation cryptocurrency. It is the coin that ruled the markets in the first half of the year and continues to perform well. Paccoins are also among the best cryptocurrencies under a penny right now.

Hexx (HXX): Hexx is another under-rated cryptocurrency that saw over a 1000% increase in the year 2018. Hexx and Paccoins were the only ones to cross the 1000% mark and had a 1268.96% and 1481.33% increase respectively.

Ripple (XRP): This is a cryptocurrency that is everyone’s favourite largely because it is a digital currency as well as a payment system. Though this was launched in 2017, it is considered one of the best alternative cryptocurrency and is still relevant in the market.

These were a few that are in the trend currently. These currencies are reliable and people can invest in them without any issues.