ERC20 Token list is a new standard that came on to the ICO market. The new developers must follow a set of rules and guidelines to generate their tokens on Ethereum blockchain and to enable trade on other cryptocurrencies using said token.

Ethereuem Request for Comments shortened to ERC and 20 which is the unique ID number set to this protocol has a list of tokens that currently follow the protocol and this list is called the ERC20 Token List which has a list of tokens that are allowed to trade with other ico cryptos.

A few tokens from the ERC20 Token List include:


Binance Coin






The tokens of the ERC20 token list are not cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin and so they cannot be used for daily transactions or for e-commerce. The tokens use is limited to what the DApps allow it to. ERC20 tokens are also tokens based on Ethereum so companies that allow Bitcoin tokens would not need to follow these procedures or rules for those tokens. As of now, there are more than 500 ERC20 tokens on the market and there is bound to be more.