Whenever an investor or any individual purchases cryptocurrency like bitcoin or ether, it is important that the individual moves the cryptocurrency in a wallet it controls and refrain themselves from keeping it in the same wallet as provided by the exchange as it can lead to fraudulent activities. But the question arises how and which wallet to choose. Firstly in order to get a bitcoin or ether, it is important to buy ICO tokens. For that, we need to know whats an ICO.

A type of funding that uses cryptocurrency as trade is called Initial Coin Offering or ICO. Usually, the whole process is done by crowdfunding. ICO usually involves selling cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens. These tokens are sold to investors as well as speculators. In exchange, they give other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or even legal tender. When the token is received it is important that it is moved to a safe and secure digital wallet. The cryptocurrency wallet you choose would depend on the type of wallet you want, the cost, the reputation and the ease of use. The best wallet for cryptocurrency is Uphold which can buy, send and convert 35 cryptocurrencies at a touch of a button.

After the best wallet is chosen the cryptocurrency exchange can take place which is an online platform. Cryptocurrency exchange list includes names like





hitBTC and many more.