In today’s digital world, currency is no longer a physical note. Digital currency is a concept that has changed a lot of lives financially in the past few years and every day a new token is being released to the market.

The upcoming ICOs that are expected to have a good success rate is predicted by various websites. they do so by calculating the market capitalization. Market cap is the value that is calculated for the tokens using data like price-to-earnings ratio, current ratio, earnings growth, earnings per share, etc. with these inputs, a rough estimate of the value can be calculated.

ICO news also helps us to understand the trends and devise our own methods to place a value on the tokens. One must keep close watch of the ICO news and listings for a better picture of what to invest in.

Some of the upcoming ICOs to watch out for are:


Peer Mountain







These were few of the upcoming ICOs that are causing a lot of hype in the blockchain market. Digital currency is the modern currency, check out these new and upcoming ICOs to know more about them.