The ICO model took the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency business a notch higher. What initially were mere digital coins was turned into a trading scheme. The novelty of this scheme was that it supported crowdfunding for small businesses.Start-up companies now began skipping the traditional method of initial investment. Instead, companies began to create their online presence and would now release their own cryptocurrency. Typically this currency was traded in exchange for Bitcoins or Ethereum i.e. the two most successful cryptocurrencies. This became a public funding program of sorts.


ICO is the most relevant form of funding for the digital generation. Each year we see new start-ups occupying more and more market space. From the huge list of promising cryptocurrencies, 2018 has witnessed some huge successes. These are:


Oyster ($PRL)

Power Ledger ($POWR)

Cardano ($ADA)

Ontology ($ONT)



Such data and comparison charts provide great insight on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency world. Every new quadrant of the year brings a list of next cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. Although these lists provide a lot of details in hindsight, what works while investing is thorough research. Following the ups and downs of the market will help you truly determine where you should pump in your savings.