Initial Coin Offering, represented as ICO is the form of fundraising which is used to help the new cryptocurrencies to grow and establish in the market. As per the ICO definition, it is the form of crowdfunding utilizing other cryptocurrencies. The primary objective of an ICO is the creation of a new cryptocurrency which could be similar to the most popular and trusted ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ICO has gained quite the popularity due to their transparent and dynamic structure. The trade is made using the other cryptocurrencies as ‘tokens’. Regular sales are held and changes are a consistent part of the ICO blockchain technology. With desired particular dates, ICO makes their sale for the tokens live. The sold tokens function as the raised funds for the uprising cryptocurrencies.

According to the reviews, one of the most popular ICO that has come ahead is the Overstock ICO, with more than $ 250 million funds raised for its tZero alternative dealing system. The review of Overstock ICO denotes the kind of sale that the token accumulated, shareholding and the customer popularity garnered by them through the trading system tZero which is the utilization of blockchain to capital markets or much popularly known as the Wall Street.